Bhutan Trek

About Bhutan Trekking

Trekking in Bhutan would bring you to feel the very different aspect of the world and you would get to know, how Bhutanese live their life on these terrains and mountains, covered with snows and far from the reach of modern civilization. For one, it would mean to discover the Hidden Lands of the Himalayan Kingdom and the secret that very few knows about.

Trekking in Bhutan would mean, a walk of thousand miles, within forest, sometimes having to cross the river without bridge and one would see different vegetation cover. As most of treks are done in protected areas, you would come across little and safe numbers of wildlife. You would be driven by your guide to trek, where the Tourism Department of Bhutan has set the route, to ensure you the safety of wild animals, sickness yet, to give you a great pleasure.

You have the option of selecting your own trek, with regards to days of trek that you prefer. The shortest trek would be of three or four days, or a week, but if you want to get immersed into the realms of trekking in Bhutan, you got the option of trekking for more than 25 Days.

While on trek, we would provide you the best of best services, ranging from a packhorse to carry your personal gear, tents and food or yaks at higher elevations. You would be provided with two-person tent, with a foam to replace your mattress. Far away from the standard hotels, but you would be provided with a certified cook who would give you the pleasure or even more, then you would get in a hotel or restaurant.